We elevate communities by fostering Financial Wellness through education.

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The Financial Wellness Project, Inc is a Michigan non-profit corporation formed to elevate communities by fostering financial wellness through education. Our Authorized Educators (AEs) are professionals in their communities who are donating their time and resources to advance this mission.

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Our network of volunteer Authorized Educators (AEs) host strictly educational, free (and fun!) workshops and labs in libraries and community centers in your town. All of the workshop materials are created by us to be as engaging & informative as possible and unlike “free lunch” seminars there is never a product sales pitch. Additionally, all of our AEs are bound by our Code of Conduct as well as having met minimum experience and background standards.

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A recent study found that 56% of Americans lose sleep when they think about their retirement. In the same study, 42% of baby boomers said that they’re afraid of outliving their retirement savings. Only 18% of Americans say they are “Very Confident” that they have enough money for a comfortable retirement. We believe that raising awareness through education will lead to smarter financial decision making, improved confidence and ultimately happier and healthier communities.

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Discover what makes a Financial Wellness Project Educational Event different than a typical financial seminar.

Authorized Educators are bound by our Code of Conduct

As a condition to presenting any of our workshops, all Authorized Educators must agree to adhere to a strict Code of Conduct. This Code is designed to assure you an objective & educational experience at the event and to help ensure that our non-profit mission is advanced.

We put Educators through a rigorous selection process

Each prospective educator must submit an application and be approved by our Education Committee before they are able to host an event. The Education Committee's proprietary review process includes an analysis of the prospects regulatory history, experience in their field and their education. While we do not specifically endorse any professional, we feel that our screening process helps provide piece of mind that the educator at your event has met our standards.

All of our Workshops are strictly educational

The cornerstone of our program is maintaining a strictly educational environment. There will be no specific products discussed and there will be no "sales pitch" for any products or services. Additionally, all of our workshops are offered free of any charges or obligation and are open to the public if hosted in a public location such as a library or community center.

Ready to learn?

Our core workshops are updated monthly and instantly deployed across our network of Educators to make sure you have the most up to date and actionable information available.  Based on feedback from the communities we serve, we are constantly working to bring new and interesting topics to your neighborhood.

This strictly educational workshop will address the changes made as a result of the SECURE Act, provides an overview of our tax system and how taxes may affect your different sources of income in retirement.

A few of the topics that will be discussed:

  • Changes under the SECURE Act and how those changes can impact your retirement
  • Updates for 2020 and the basics of our tax system
  • Common tax pitfalls for retirees
  • How RMDs, Social Security and Capital Gains affect your total tax picture
  • IRMAA, Net Investment Income Tax and other “surprise” tax liabilities
  • Actionable tips to keep more of what you’ve worked for
  • Much, much more!

Who will benefit from attending: Age 55+ who are retired or approaching retirement.

Approx Duration: 1.5 Hours

This informative workshop discusses the issues surrounding planning for the efficient disposition of your assets at death and the administration of your assets should you become ill or incapacitated.

Some of the topics that will be discussed

  • Recent updates to estate laws
  • What is Probate and the Probate process
  • Common obstacles to efficient estate distribution
  • Providing for administration of your assets during illness or incapacity
  • The correct account titles to bypass a Probate estate
  • The differences between Wills, Trusts and other common planning documents
  • Actionable tips to maximize your legacy for loved ones or charity
  • More!

Who will benefit from attending: Anyone who is interested in maximizing their legacy and easing the burden for their loved ones at death or during illness or incapacity.

Approx Duration:: 1.5 Hours

This workshop will address the unique challenges women face in their retirement years, typically as a result of having a longer life expectancy than men. The material includes a primer on Social Security and Taxes along with a deeper look at the issues that tend to affect Women specifically.

Some of the topics that will be discussed

  • Social Security Retirement with an emphasis on Survivor and Spousal benefits.
  • Tax considerations for Social Security and other sources of retirement income
  • Special rules for inheriting a spouse’s IRA or retirement plan.
  • Planning for Long-Term health care needs
  • Common financial pitfalls for women in retirement
  • Actionable tips to make your retirement a success financially

Who will benefit from attending: Age 55+ who are retired or approaching retirement as well as widows of all ages.

Approx Duration: 1.5 Hours

Finance, Tax & Legal Professionals:

Do You Have The Tools To Be A Great Educator?

Are you a licensed Attorney, Tax Professional or Financial Advisor?

Are you passionate about educating people in your community on finance related topics?

Do you have extensive experience in your field and a clean regulatory history?

If so we invite you to join our Authorized Educator Program!

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