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Before you apply, take a minute to read the FAQs below

The Financial Wellness Project Inc’s Authorized Educator Program is the core means of advancing our mission. Professional participants in the program have access to our course materials and are able to host educational workshops in their community using our name and intellectual property.

Currently, we support Licenced Financial Advisors, Attorneys and Tax Professionals. We understand that professionals in many disciplines add value to the community, so we plan to have programs for other professions in the future.

Admission to the program is based upon our proprietary selection process encompassing your years of experience, education, licensing, professional designations and regulatory history. There is also an annual program fee for participation. Additionally, a Code of Conduct must be adhered to so the integrity of our program can be maintained. We encourage professionals with 5+ years of professional experience and a clean regulatory history to apply.

To help ensure we are delivering a quality experience to our attendees, we assign each Authorized Educator a geographic location (territory) that they are responsible for. There will be no other Authorized Educators within those geographical boundaries unless recommended by you for joint education.

The Program Fee for participation $1044 / year payable in $87.00 monthly installments. If you would like to recommend another individual for participation in your territory (i.e. another professional that will be presenting information with you) the cost for each additional AE is $540 / yr payable in $45.00 monthly installments. Program fee payments are payable via Visa or Mastercard.

The fee goes directly to our cost of staffing, content creation, marketing and other costs associated with advancing our mission.

Workshops are generally held in libraries and community centers within your geographic location. We will provide you with a list of suitable locations with your area once approval into the program is granted.

No. You may provide light refreshments (cookies, coffee, water, etc) but we discourage the use of meals to attract attendees. Be sure to check with your workshop location to make sure that refreshments are permitted.

We can recommend several unaffiliated firms that specialize in advertising and digital media marketing. We also encourage you to leverage your existing client base.

In our experience, approximately 10-15 households (20-25 people) attend each event. This number will vary based on your marketing efforts.

NONE. The workshops are strictly educational and discussion of any specific products is forbidden.

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